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200 ft. Striper's tape measure
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200 ft. Striper's tape measure

Price per Unit (piece): $40.00

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    Professional quality 200' tape measure. 

  • Non-stretch fiberglass core with tough urethane covering.

  • Easy to see markings with feet, inches and fractions on yellow side, and feet, 10ths, and 100ths of feet on white side. The white side allows stripers to easily use a calculator to mark odd size lots by dividing into equal size stalls. The feet and tenths scale makes it easy to divide an odd measurement into equal size spaces, and then layout without having to convert to fractions. It also works great with the PLP Protractor

  • Bright red foot markings for quick visibility.

  • The tape is thicker and more durable than most fiberglass tape measures.

  • Has trouble-free geared retrieve for quick roll-up. We use this tape daily and have found that it's longer lasting and more dependable than name brands.















    Robert says "I have had brand new name brand tape measures fail on the first job. The fast retrive mechanism locked up. I have never had a failure with one of these"

The white side of the tape has feet, inches, and fractions, like a normal tape measure.

The yellow side is an engineer's tape measure.  Markings are in feet, 10ths of feet, and 100ths of feet.  The engineer's side makes it easy to work with calculators and with the PLP Protractor.  Use this side to divide a run of spaces into equal sizes without having to convert feet and inches. 

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