altThe Sport Taper is used by professional floor and game court marking contractors to make sharp edged lines on basketball and tennis courts, as well as warehouse and factory floors.  The image to the left shows a local high school basketball court lined using the Sport Taper.  The Sport Taper is the perfect complement to our Basketball Court Stencil Kit, S-6475D, which gives you all the details of the free throw lane in perfect dimensions.


How to use the Sport Taper.

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LR-100 Sport Taper Straight Line Only LR-100 $676.95 Sport Taper for marking straight lines on tennis courts and floors. Applies 2 strips of masking tape for painted lines up to 4". Does not include circle or curve kit.

LR-120 Sport Taper with circle kit LR-120 $796.95 LR-120 Sport Taper applies masking tape for perfect lines and curves. For courts and floor marking. This kit includes circle kit for up to 12 ft. diameter.

LR-120-2002 Sport Taper Complete for Basketball LR-120-2002 $911.00 Sport Taper and everything needed to mark basketball courts, including 3 point line. Combines the LR-120 and LR-2002 at a discount price.

LR-2002 - 3 point attachment for LR-120 LR-2002 $252.95 Sport Taper attachment for taping 3 point line, curves and circles up to 44' diameter. Attachment for the LR-120 Sport Taper. To use with LR-100 straight line Sport Taper, additional parts required.

LR-Pivot on end of pole LR-Pivot on end of pole $40.05  

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