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Next Day Delivery Available

In stock items ship the same day if ordered online before 4pm CST.  Custom items, like special wording ship the same day if ordered online or by phone before 12Noon CST.  Custom fonts or logos take additional time, depending on the amount of design and review required by the customer.

UPS Shipping: Full Range From Ground to Next Day Air (NDA)

A full range of UPS shipping methods are available.  You can choose your shipping method at checkout.
We are now offering UPS Next Day Air (NDA) Saver shipping with a 35% discount, making ourselves more available to East and West Coasts. The map on the right shows the shipping times via UPS Ground from our Texas Factory. Note: Some items are shipped from other locations.



stencils and tools for pavement marking


Standard Number Kits

We offer Alphabet Kits from 4" to 96" height with DOT standard stroke and width.  This information should be found in the detailed description of a particular product.  If additional information is required, contact Customer Service.

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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
Stencil: 3" number kit DURO S-8030D $43.95 3 inch number kit DURO (1/16” thick)

Stencil: 3" maxi number kit in MAXI S-8030M $54.95 Maxilast is 1/8" thick LDPE. Product Details
Stencil: 4" number kit. DURO, MODIFIED S-8040-D-MOD $48.95
You Save: $15.04
4 inch MODIFIED number kit. DURO(1/16” thick), 1 IN LOWER BORDER

Stencil: 4" number kit. MAXI, MODIFIED S-8040-M-MOD $63.95 4 inch MODIFIED number kit. MAXI (1/8” thick), 1 IN LOWER BORDER

Stencil: 4" number kit. DURO S-8040D $43.95 4 inch number kit. DURO is 1/16" thick LDPE.

Stencil: 4" number kit. MAXI S-8040M $43.95 4 inch number kit. MAXI (1/8” thick)

6 in number kit wide s-8060-wm $90.34  

Stencil: 6" number kit- DURO S-8060D $43.95 6 inch number kit- DURO (1/16” thick)

Stencil: 6" number kit. MAXI S-8060M $67.77 6 inch number kit. MAXI (1/8” thick)

Stencil: S-8080D 8" number kit. DURO S-8080D $61.87 8 inch number kit. 12 pieces, 0-9 and two blanks. DURO (1/16” thick)

Stencil: S-8080M 8 " number kit. MAXI S-8080M $82.49 8 inch number kit. 12 pieces, 0-9 and two blanks. MAXI (1/8” thick)

Stencil: S-8100D 10" number kit DURO S-8100D $78.79 10 inch high numbers DURO (1/16” thick)

Stencil: S-8100M 10" number kit MAXI S-8100M $105.05 10 inch high number kit MAXI (1/8” thick)

Stencil: S-8120D 12" number KIT DURO S-8120D $82.49 12 in.numbers DURO (1/16” thick)

S-8120M - 12" Number Stencil Kit - MAXI S-8120M $109.99
You Save: $30.00
12 in.number kit MAXI (1/8” thick)

Stencil: S-8150M 15" number kit MAXI S-8150M10 $119.95 15 X 10 in.number kit MAXI (1/8” thick) ROUNDED FONT

Stencil: S-8180D 18" number kit. DURO S-8180D $118.73 18 inch high number kit. DURO (1/16” thick)

Stencil: S-8180M 18" number kit. MAXI S-8180M $158.38 18 inch high number kit. MAXI (1/8” thick)

Stencil: S-8240D 24"x9" number kit DURO S-8240D $177.95 24 inch number kit 24" high, 9" wide D.O.T. font. DURO (1/16” thick)

Stencil: S-8240DW 24"x16" number kit. DURO S-8240DW $266.06 24 in.Wide Font number kit. DURO (1/16” thick)

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Results 1 - 20 of 32

Featured Products

S-8120M - 12" Number Stencil Kit - MAXI

You Save: $30.00
S-8120M - 12

12 in.number kit MAXI (1/8” thick)

Stencils and Tools


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